Collaborator Companies

Lifetech Engineering Company:

Lifetech Engineering is an English company that is internationally acclaimed for its expertise in Asset Integration Management (AIM) and specialized software development.
Physical Assets Value Managers Company (Pavan) and Lifetech Engineering Company, through a consortium agreement, work together on physical asset management projects in asset integration management (AIM) related to risk management, Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) technologies, fitness assessment and engineering for the operation of equipment within processing factories, specialized software, and related training programs.
Lifetech Engineering Company

Ilia Integrated Development Corporation:

Ilia Integrated Development Corporation has been able to become a world-class company by utilizing vigorous knowledge-based infrastructure, an Iranian expert team and modeling the global processes of abas and Focus companies, and on the other hand, with a customization approach to promoting the growing trend of our organizations and beloved country, this company has also become the representative of abas and Focus exclusive software nationwide.
Pavan Physical Assets Value Managers Company and Ilia Integrated Development Corporation, have made an agreement to collaborate and utilize each other’s services in physical asset management projects. Some of the collaborations between Pavan and Ilia include the needs assessment, development, and production of asset management software and databases or integrated reporting systems, as well as the provision of support services for mentioned information systems.
Ilia Integrated Development Corporation