Pavan Physical Assets Value Managers Co

About Pavan

Physical Assets Value Managers Company, trading as “Pavan”, is a company whose expertise is in realizing the value of assets through the implementation of Asset Management (AM) Systems, Physical Asset Management (PAM), Asset Integrity Management (AIM), and reliability and maintenance engineering (repair and maintenance) in various fields including energy, petroleum and natural gas industries.
Aiming to boost the position of Iran, this company has established cooperative relations with some prominent national and international professional and reputable companies as the Consortium Agreement in domestic, regional, and international asset management markets…

Pavan’s Services

In addition to its personnel expertise, Pavan is equipped with a network of selected, engineered, and efficient national and international staff to provide its customers with the highest level of services on consultation, implementation, and establishment of processes and practices related to physical asset management. Some of these services are as follow:

Managing the value chain organizations’ physical assets
Strategic planning and implementation of lifecycle-management related projects
Risk assessment and management
Assessment and management of the cost of assets
Process review and organizational structure reform
Information systems and physical asset management systems
Implementation and assessment of integration systems and strength of specific assets
Regulating strategic and executive documents of the physical asset management system

Our Capabilities

Physical asset management consulting, project management, integrated asset management, strategic planning, assessment and feasibility studies of asset management plans, providing engineering consulting services in planning and maintenance, providing management consulting services in consulting services, guidance, educational planning, organizational structure, research and operational assistance on subjects such as planning and modifying the lifecycle processes of assets, both physical and non-physical (in such areas as study and…