Our Activities

Physical asset management consulting, project management, integrated asset management, strategic planning, assessment and feasibility studies of asset management plans, providing engineering consulting services in planning and maintenance, providing management consulting services in consulting services, guidance, educational planning, organizational structure, research and operational assistance on subjects such as planning and modifying the lifecycle processes of assets, both physical and non-physical (in such areas as study and feasibility study, needs assessment, design and construction, supply, warehousing, operation, maintenance, repair), assessment, creation and revision of cost management systems, design and production and distribution of software and databases for the management of physical and non-physical assets, also holding scientific and professional conferences in Iran and abroad and concluding technical, engineering, implementation, and management contracts, designing, consulting and preparing for ISO audits in areas related to the company activity with institutions and natural and legal entities, collaborating with other domestic and foreign entities in the areas of company activity, establishing branches and agencies in Iran and abroad and carrying out any authorized activities related to the above subjects.