About Pavan

Physical Assets Value Managers Company, trading as “Pavan”, is a company whose expertise is in realizing the value of assets through the implementation of Asset Management (AM) Systems, Physical Asset Management (PAM), Asset Integrity Management (AIM), and reliability and maintenance engineering (repair and maintenance) in various fields including energy, petroleum and natural gas industries.

Aiming to boost the position of Iran, this company has established cooperative relations with some prominent national and international professional and reputable companies as the Consortium Agreement in domestic, regional, and international asset management markets. Moreover, in an effort to achieve continuous improvement and update knowledge, Pavan Company has become a legal member of professional institutes and associations such as the International Institute of Asset Management (IAM), Iran Maintenance Association (IRMA), and Iran Petroleum Institute (IPI).

The staff and personnel at Pavan Company are selected from among individuals and companies enjoying significant specialty in asset management in the following fields:

  • Formulating and developing policies and strategies,
  • Planning and implementing projects,
  • Developing empowerers and improving operations,
  • Lifecycle cost assessment (LCC),
  • Training and developing asset management,
  • Managing productivity and risks of physical assets.

As one of the leading companies adopting technological advances of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Pavan attempts to provide services to its customers in line with global innovations.

In so doing, our supporters are our professional and prominent staff, up-to-date knowledge, powerful and extensive network of personnel and partners, and satisfaction of employers.

Pavan’s Prospect:

Pavan’s prospect is being recognized as the most credible centre of management, empowering, and developing physical asset management in Iran, and highlighting the regional and international position of Iran in asset management.

Our Values:

Comprehensiveness, expertise, cooperation and participation, transparency, solidarity, and respect.

Pavan’s Mission:

  • Accurate, specialized, and efficient implementation of the logic and system of asset management in major organizations and industries
  • Establishing and developing efficient and lucrative specialized domestic and foreign relations in physical asset management
  • Developing professional and scientific qualification required for the implementation and establishment of physical asset management and proving valid training in line with global knowledge
  • Training and empowering prospective managers and specialists in Iran
  • Holding specialized conferences on physical asset management with an emphasis on management and innovation/knowledge enterprise
  • Providing employment opportunities for experts and followers of physical asset management