Pavan’s Services:

In addition to its personnel expertise, Pavan is equipped with a network of selected, engineered, and efficient national and international staff to provide its customers with the highest level of services on consultation, implementation, and establishment of processes and practices related to physical asset management. Some of these services are as follow:

A major part of the losses in unprofitable organizations and also a large proportion of the profits an organization can achieve depend on how the organization’s value of capital assets is managed. Through proper management of physical assets, like the links in a chain, the value can be multiplied and transferred from a process or product to the others.

Managing the value chain is the management of a set of processes and activities that are done in a consecutive, related, and chain-like manner to create and increase the value. Products pass through the links of this chain and in each link, a value is added to the final product. Each business should have a value chain, that is, various companies (in terms of business) and their nature create this chain. Pavan Company helps companies not to have a value chain based on wrong activity-based costing, and also to determine various factors affecting this chain and the extent of their effect, for instance, the effect of information technology on the value chain in knowledge-enterprise companies.

Pavan tells you how you can achieve the maximum value from each physical asset, physical asset management, and portfolio of main or critical assets.