Institute of Asset Management (IAM):

The Institute of Asset Management (IAM) is an international, nonprofit professional organization for asset management experts founded in 1994 in the UK and currently has over 2700 members and a network of over 30,000 people worldwide. IAM collects and develops asset management knowledge and best executive methods in this field and disseminates the benefits of the asset management system to individuals, organizations and the community.

The vision of this institute has been to be recognized as a leading, international, and professional body for asset management, and it can be stated with international feedback on its logic and practices that IAM has so far achieved its desired vision.

In addition to validation of Pavan Co, being an official, creditable and legal member of the International Network of Asset Management Experts and physical Asset Management has enabled us to obtain the most up-to-date information, trainings, resources, techniques, and management knowledge and utilize them to provide advice and services to our clients while taking steps to implement the physical asset management system and realize the asset oriented value of these organizations.

Institute of Asset Management (IAM)

Iran Maintenance Association:

Iran Maintenance Association (IRMA) was established with the prospect of becoming the forerunner in the development and growth of the culture of “repair and maintenance systems” in Iran and turning into a credible reference in knowledge, skill, and abilities on “repair and maintenance systems”.

The mission of this Association is the promotion and advancement of science, quantitative and qualitative development of experts, improvement of education and research on maintenance and repair through conducting national and international scientific and cultural research among researchers and experts involved in maintenance and repair, provision of educational and research services, formation of scientific gatherings at national, regional and international arenas, and publication of books and journals to enrich the ‘NET’ culture in Iran, creation of the necessary conditions for the development and progress of ‘new maintenance and repair systems’ in industrial centres and complexes aiming at increasing the optimum industrial production, reducing waste, economic dependence, increasing productivity, profitability and protection of national capital to create competitive advantages for effective presence in world markets.

Physical Assets Value Managers Company, aka Pavan, considering the potency and expertise of the Iran Maintenance Association (IRMA) in maintenance and repair (as an important section in the physical asset lifecycle), became a member of the said Association.

Iran Maintenance Association